The Bergen Medical Research Foundation (BMFS) was founded in 2004 by means of a NOK 50 million donation from Frank Mohn AS. Since then, the foundation has received considerable additional means through new donations from the same source as well as Trond Mohn personally and his sister Marit Mohn. Prior to this Mr. Mohn had for many years donated large sums to a variety of sporting and humanitarian causes. The establishment of The Bergen Research Foundation (BFS) the same year represented his first major contribution to the field of research, and can be seen in context of the establishment of the medical foundation also in 2004.

Trond-MohnIn addition to these donations the BMFS benefits from the Norwegian government’s donation enhancement scheme, which boosts the donations given prior to 2008 with a 25 per cent state supplement. This public grant is added in its entirety to the foundation’s basic capital.

A common denominator for all of Mr. Mohn’s donations is that they are based on the notion of a joint voluntary effort. His contribution shall be matched by an effort on the part of the recipient, thus triggering greater resources for the benefit of a particular purpose. And these purposes should preferably be of a long-term, preventative nature, as illustrated by his many major contributions to sporting activities aimed primarily at the broad mass of children and young people. Prevention can focus on health issues as much as social ones, with the expectation of engagement and effort on the part of recipients being clearly expressed.

Teamwork is another characteristic of Mr. Mohn’s philosophy. Although research is a “competitive sport”, where the demand for quality is uncompromising, Mr. Mohn has also emphasized the need to focus on team players. The “research leader of tomorrow” is not an individualist driving a project forward in total isolation from colleagues or others within the same field of study, but rather a person who achieves results through collaboration and the leveraging of shared resources. These are issues which are emphasized in the recruitment process the foundation today pursues when assessing candidates. Confidence in the work force, and extensive delegation of responsibility characterize Mr. Mohn’s own business activities and leadership philosophy – and which he also wishes to see in the field of research.

As mentioned, Trond Mohn’s donations to research in Bergen also include the establishment of the Bergen Research Foundation, and must be seen in light of his considerable donations for medical equipment at Haukeland University Hospital. In a Norwegian context, Mr. Mohn’s generosity is matched only by the donations to the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Foundation and amounts to a unique stimulant to research at or in association with the University of Bergen. This is not least the case because both the “Bergen Foundations” was created with no formal ties binding its research efforts to any specific field or issue. The donations made by Trond Mohn and Frank Mohn AS provide Bergen’s research environments with an extraordinary advantage in their endeavors to pursue research at the highest international level.

Today Trond is CEO of Frank Mohn AS and a director of other companies in or associated with the family business. Frank Mohn AS was established in 1938 by his father, and is currently the world’s leading producer of quality pumps to the shipping and offshore industries. During Trond Mohn’s tenure as CEO the company has experienced a period of rapid expansion, and today employs around 1,500 people. The business is also engaged in the oil industry through its shareholding in Framo Engineering as.

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